Bücherecke: Local Governance in the Global Context. Theory and Practice

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Local Governance in the Global Context. Theory and Practice

Chin-peng Chu, Alexander Grasse, Sang-Chul Park, Markus Porsche-Ludwig
Reihe: Politikwissenschaft, Bd. 172, 320 S., br.
Erscheinungsjahr: 2011
ISBN: 978-3-643-90036-4
Verlag: LIT Verlag

Local governance has become a subject of particular interest even in the context of globalization. As bottom-up strategy it aims at increasing opportunities for civil society to engage in affairs of their own. As top-down strategy it wants to mobilize all endogenous potential available to improve political steering capacity. This book examines theoretical approaches towards citizens' participation and provides case studies that indicate a varied menu of contemporary local democracies, urban and regional governance in Europe (Germany, Sweden, Italy), Asia (Korea, Taiwan) and the U.S.
(Quelle: LIT Verlag)

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